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Presentation of the company

We are CIOA. Our expertise lies in our ability to find solutions to the problems of underperformance in organisations.

The development of multiple technologies in a globalised environment creates everywhere impassable barriers for the large mass of decision-makers, who lack the expertise needed to make informed decisions.

How do we combat this underperformance?

  • Through multidisciplinary expertise: our collective brain is made up of expert contributors, who bring their specific knowledge when needed.
  • Through the contribution of operational resources that we pool for the implementation of our recommendations, lifting, in passing, the problem of the cost of their acquisition.
  • A global presence in all markets: with members and co-developers in some 50 countries, we have eyes ready to look and arms ready to act, relieving our clients of the need to travel around the world to open up to the world.
  • Through a strong involvement in our clients' projects.

Thus equipped, we can say that we are, for our clients, the catalyst that enables them to create wealth in their constrained environments. This is what we call business engineering.

Our areas of expertise intervention

We provide our clients with effective and committed support in our 3 areas of expertise

Optimising Tertiary functions

Strategy, internationalisation, procurement, digital transition

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Industrial Project Assistance

Design, sourcing and deployment of production lines

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Realisation of Real Estate Projects

Off-site building manufacturing, procurement, engineering office, AMO, MOD.

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Give sense

We believe that progress is a mockery if it does not lead to concrete improvements in people's lives. And of the greatest number.

We have a particular appetite for all subjects that set to music our attributes and the enthusiasm of our head office teams and co-developers in operations which aim to facilitate access to what matters to the greatest number of people: Working and to undertake, to find accommodation, to consume better and to have fun.

Create wealth

GROUPE CIOA - Wealth Creator

The steady growth of our business, the pleasure of making our people happy, the satisfaction shown by our customers leads us to believe in CIOA's good luck and about its business in this changing world.

We know that this immaterial wealth is the condition for the economic wealth we generate for the benefit of our employees, the development of the company and our shareholders.

Management Team

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Managing Director
Director of Operations and Development
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Director of Information Systems