How we work alongside our members and partners.

Case Study

Development of passive property.

Mayotte, Département et région française

How to become a real estate owner without going into debt?


Mayotte is the French territory most affected by poor housing.

Actions taken :
  • Land: the very strong attachment of the people to the land and the very late and of the land registry makes it very difficult to transfer land. transmission of land. However, Operation Maharaba Invest is ideally located in Petite Terre, the most popular region of the island.
  • Lack of qualified personnel
  • The high cost of materials: 100% imported.
  • It is in these conditions that CIOA responded to the request of an owner of a 6,000 m2 property
Resources used
The Maharaba Invest program demonstrates CIOA's expertise in accompany the owners of dormant land, by mobilizing
  • His expertise and inventiveness in setting up even complex programs complex programs
  • The constructive means of BATI-FABLAB
  • Its network of partners who only seek to act all around the planet planet.
60 units T2 to T4 for rental use :

Financial engineering

  • A 6000 m2 land ideally located in the heart of Petite Terre (THE SPOT in Mayotte), The Island of the City of Mayotte !
  • The owner does not have the financial capacity to valorize his parcel nor the his parcel nor the profile to obtain financing. He does not wish to get rid of his land either. It is the BATIMORROW program that is is proposed to him).
  • BATIMORROW: the land of the owner is the subject of an emphyteutic lease lease, allowing CIOA to exploit it for 30 years, after which the property after which the property reverts to it without any compensation. In the meantime is paid a rent of 12 000 € / year / building to the owner.
  • The state finances 35% of the program: The shortage of housing in Mayotte has made the State some devices to encourage private promoters. The assembly of the program submitted to the State has allowed to obtain the approval of the state for a tax credit of 35% of our investments.
  • The operation validated by the State allows the respect of certain rules (resource ceilings for tenants, rent ceilings), allows for a profitable operation of the program.
  • It is in these conditions that CIOA responded to the request of an owner of a 6,000 m2 property
Resources used

BATI-FABLAB technology applied to building construction

Characteristics of the process
  • Dry site
  • Quick to implement
  • Economic
  • Complies with Eurocodes
  • Validation by Bureau VERITAS
Presentation of the process

The structures are produced using our TITAN FACTORY robot which forms, drills, cuts and numbers the galvanized steel profiles from the mock-ups, and numbering the galvanized steel sections from the digital from digital BIM models

Resources used

The operational strength of CIOA:
its international network of co-developers

CIOA delegate in the Indian Ocean

Originally from the Comoros, he is a former legionnaire of the French French army. The President of the CIOA has given him, within the framework of a the management of all the operations and participations of the group in the of the group in the Indian Ocean.

In order to pilot the Maharaba Invest program, he followed a training training at CIOA and BATI-FABLAB with a young local entrepreneur with whom with whom he has partnered.

Thanks to him, more than 7000 km away from France, CIOA has a partner who ensures the relationship with the local with local contractors, administration and executing companies.

With the acquired knowledge, the support of the CIOA back-office and its resources resources, he will lead the development of the group in the whole region by supporting the network of co-developers in place. in place.

"And, as an intimate anecdote, since it was within the group that he the values of fraternity and consideration specific to the Legion, and since it was the Legion, and since it was the 2 Co-founders who gave life to the the Organization, do you know how Mr. KADAFFI nicknamed the President Mr. Léon LUCIDE? "Father" ... "

The operational strength of CIOA:
its international network of co-developers


Philippe et Guillaume Charlot,
BATI-FABLAB licensees in Mauritius

Philippe Charlot, ex-pharmacist, owner of a network of pharmacies in France, and his and his son Guillaume, holder of a Master's degree in Management, both recently recently settled in Mauritius, are opening the BATI-FABLAB of the Indian Ocean. Indian Ocean.

Their objective: to become leaders in modular construction, responding quickly to the quickly to the strong needs of construction of economic housing, anti-seismic and anti-cyclonic of the area (Mauritius, Mayotte, Reunion, Madagascar...).

Rather than supplying the Maharaba program from France, CIOA has chose the nearest BATI-FABLAB licensee for the fabrication of the structure.

Assistance to industrial projects


Unit for mask manufacturing

With the health crisis, the question of reindustrializing France has become an important issue due to the shortage of masks. This situation led CIOA to turn to the development of small production units for production units for surgical and FFP2 masks that are easy to deploy. 5 of these production units have been ordered in France and Martinique.

The idea: to capture the interest of several organizations that help people with disabilities by a disability, anxious to be of service to the community. It was therefore necessary to workstations had to be specially adapted to the constraints of the targeted workers. workers. Three of these organizations are now participating in Made in France. CIOA is proud to accompany them!

Client :
Actions taken :
  • Organization and management of calls for tenders for adapted equipment
  • Accompaniment in the choice of equipment, controlled and secure purchase.
  • Logistics management up to the installation site
  • Accompaniment to the implementation on site and training of the staff
  • Organization and management of calls for tenders for raw materials recurring
Resources used

Unit of palm nut processing

Banker Martin Djedjes chooses CIOA for turnkey installation of the palm nut processing unit of its ITPA cooperative

Ordering parties :
  • Cooperative ITPA - Banker Martin Djedjes
Actions taken :
  • Organization and management of calls for tenders for adapted equipment
  • Accompaniment in the choice of equipment, controlled and secure purchase.
  • Logistics management up to the installation site
  • Accompaniment to the implementation on site
Resources used

Promotion of the agribusiness of the Mediterranean


Creation of the E-Business platform

CIOA accompanies employers' unions and Consular Chambers in the framework of the European call for projects related to the Interreg Marittimo 2014-2020 programme, to create FOOD & WINE MARKETPLACE, the Mediterranean agro-business platform.

  • UPV - Union Patronale du Var
  • CCI - du Var
  • CCI - Bastia CORSICA
  • City of Rosignano Marittimo
  • Confcommercio
  • Stazione Leopolda Pisa
Actions taken :
  • Development of FOOD & WINE MARKETPLACE
    ( ),
  • National and international promotion of the local offer
  • Development of synergy with other similar projects such as the "Cambusa" project (integration between the nautical tourism sector and that of the local and quality agro-food production), to multiply the channels of diffusion
The resources used

E-Business B2B and opening up of SMEs to international markets


UPV - Place de marche .BIZ

CIOA has created for the UPV,, a B2B Marketplace dedicated to SMEs in the VAR who are looking for export opportunities.

Client :
  • UPV - Union Patronale du VAR, France's leading employers' union in terms of number of members. The UPV has 5,000 member companies employing 60,000 people.
 UPV - Union Patronale du VAR, France's leading employers' union in terms of number of members. The UPV has 5,000 member companies employing 60,000 people.
Actions taken :
  • Creation of the Marketplace.
  • Interfacing with, the CIOA platform that aggregates several dozen marketplaces throughout the French-speaking world.
  • Accompaniment on the water.
The resources used :

Town and country planning


Rural Community of NGOYE in Senegal

Anxious to energize its rural territory, the NGOYE publishing house located in the region of Diourbel in Senegal, has joined the SERCLIDEV programme (Service des Collectivités Locales pour Innovation and Development), through which CIOA provides support to Local Authorities. The CIOA's pooled resources are mobilised for the construction and management of the infrastructures of basis for developing the local economy and improving the condition of the population.

Client :
  • Mairie de NGOYE
Actions taken :
  • Large Municipal Market
  • Agropastoral farm
  • Real estate programme of 100 social housing units
The resources used

Economic animation territorial


Economic development plan for the Dracenie Provence Verdon community of communes

CIOA has developed for Dracénie Provence Verdon agglomeration and the Union Patronale du Var, a platform for information, exchange and online commerce for traders, professionals, farmers and craftsmen of the Dracénie region to propose a visibility on the net of our local economic fabric.

This initiative, supported by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the Métiers du Var, allows you to :

  • Supporting and accompanying local businesses of all kinds during the period post-confinement/deconfinement
  • Encouraging citizens to consume locally in a sustainable way thanks to this new channel for sale
  • To help and support the development of companies in the Dracénie region by promoting access to longer term business opportunities via e-commerce at the level of local, departmental or even national and international
Client :
  • The community of the Dracénie Provence Verdon conurbation
  • Union Patronale of Var
Actions taken :
  • Inventory of fixtures and specifications
  • Creation of a marketplace for local merchants: e-business, click & collect, etc.
  • Support plan for shopkeepers: training, sales promotion, plan of animation.
  • Run-of-the-river assistance and integration of export-ready companies, on the Golden-Trade marketplace .
The resources used

Animation and tourism development plan


Implementation of the plan TOURISME RD CONGO

Overly dependent on mining resources, the DRC authorities have decided to make their country one of Africa's major destinations. Indeed, this gigantic country with a luxuriant nature and many endogenous species is not lacking assets !
CIOA accompanies the National Tourist Office both strategically and operationally.

Client :
  • National Tourist Office of DRC (ONT)
Action Plan in 3 phases :
  • Phase 1: Referencing the national offer
  • Phase 2: Develop an ecotourism offer with, in particular, the creation of a network of housing typical of the regions to be rented, close to the inhabitant.
  • Phase 3 : Run-of-the-water assistance.
Resources used

Phase 1 : Referencing the national offer

The unique access point of Congolese national tourism In use

Actions taken :
  • Referencing of all approved players
  • Centralized reservation system
  • PMS for each hotel to manage its establishment
  • Collection of tourist taxes in real time for the State
  • Central purchasing of consumables for all operators
  • Geolocation system for mobility actors
  • Dematerialized payment system for visitors during their stay
Resources used :

Phase 2: Improving the offer and creating a network typical habitat of the areas for rent, near of the inhabitant

Make available to the National Tourist Office, the shared construction technologies for the benefit of local operators and investors.

Actions taken :
  • Hotel residences
  • Lodges at the inhabitant's home
Resources used
Run-of-the-river assistance
Actions taken :
  • Promotional actions
  • Training of administrative executives and operators
  • International Partnerships
  • Mobilization of funders
au fil de leau

Development of an eco-tourism offer


MINTOUL (Ministry of Tourism of Cameroon)

Ordering parties :
  • MINTOUL (Ministry of Tourism of Cameroon)
Actions taken :
  • Platform for the promotion of National Tourism :
  • Development program for a typical hosting offer in the regions
Resources used

Assistance to Local Communities



City's Economic Development Platform

Ordering parties :
  • City of Bafoussam 1st
Actions taken :
  • City's Economic Development Platform
Resources used :
terri dev



Platform of private sales of hotel availabilities

HOTEL EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL is an international travelers' club that helps its members save money on international travel. In addition to its directory of affiliated hotels developed since 1988, it has decided to add a reservation platform giving access to the availabilities of its affiliated hotels.

Ordering parties :
  • Private company
Actions taken :
  • Duplicable e-tourism platform for white-label distribution
  • Hotel Recruitment
  • Recruitment of distributors.
Resources used
ERP modulaire, permettant la gestion complète d'une ou plusieurs activités sous un même toit



Turnkey Dropshipping Solution for e-merchant

CDISCOUNT is one of the major players in e-commerce in France. In order to benefit from the network of CIOA in Africa and DOM TOM, the latter has developed a dropshipping platform referencing its products in catalogs for their distribution via sites of e-distributors with white label.

Ordering parties :
Actions taken :
  • Creation of the platform connected to the e-merchant's product base
  • Recruitment of Dropshippers (e-marketer without stock)
  • Logistics
  • Dropshippers support
Resources used
ERP modulaire, permettant la gestion complète d'une ou plusieurs activités sous un même toit

Delegated project management
dedicated to housing


Management of the State Real Estate Program (200,000 housing units)

CIOA acts as MOD on behalf of a developer holding a national social housing program. It is a question of meeting the conditions to realize, at constrained prices, 200,000 housing units, within the framework of an Off-Taker contract: the State of Ghana undertakes to irrevocably purchase 20,000 housing units built on land that it provides.

Ordering parties :
  • The State of Ghana
Actions taken :
  • Programming, design of housing models according to specifications, industrial choices
  • Economic study - Financial engineering - research and negotiation of financing and guarantees
  • Operational organization - Business consulting - Sourcing - Management system, planning, reporting.
  • Piloting
Resources used

Operational support to the Public Estate Company

Faced with a housing deficit of more than 2 million units, the Real Estate Company of Cameroon (SIC), called on CIOA to benefit from its construction technologies to accelerate housing production in the country. CIOA's proposals were approved by CLC's Board of Directors.

Client :
  • Real Estate Company of Cameroon
The solution :
  • Design of an industrial platform enabling the local production of 80% of the materials required for the mass production of housing that meets CLC's quality and cost criteria.
  • Economic study
  • Financial proposal: transfer of ownership at the end of a volume of programs entrusted to CIOA in MOD
  • Progressive transfer of know-how
  • MOD of 3,000 homes.
Resources used