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Because our globalized capitalist civilization is based on power relations and predation, financial independence is intrinsic to social peace and individual freedom.

Support services au
tertiary domain

Activist of entrepreneurship, CIOA offers a unique framework:

  • To entrepreneurs looking for levers strategic, financial, commercial, operational for their organisation or for the projects specific,
  • To institutional decision-makers who are concerned with improving the conditions for enterprises that create employment and create the wealth in their territories and which finance public services.

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Helping you find new projects in synergy with your conventional activities, seize an opportunity to market, bounce back.
We accompany you in the use of appropriate of the digital resources that we make available for for sale, purchase, support your processes, manage and analyse your financial flows.
With 120,000 referenced suppliers in our ecosystem, we can meet all your needs for the supply of products for resale, raw materials, consumables.
International development, partnership, search for funding.

Support services at industrial projects

Industrial production in the territories, in addition to to be a vector of value creation, is an ecological fact.

CIOA accompanies entrepreneurs who want to :

  • Relocate as close as possible to the consumer, the production of the goods they consume.
  • Transform local raw materials to better monetize them.

Our support covers all the stages in the realisation of an industrial project.

Services preparatory work

  • Specifications
  • State of the art research
  • Project management
  • Economic study

Supply of equipment

  • Sourcing
  • Control
  • Logistic
  • installation

Post-installation assistance

  • Training
  • Information system
  • Business development

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Support services at real estate projects

The member of the CIOA ecosystem who is considering a personal, professional or speculative real estate project will find at his disposal the shared resources to achieve it.

  • Off-site constructions: housing, accommodation light alternatives, business premises.
  • Licensing of our technologies to major promoters, companies or public cable companies...
  • Ecological paving technology for the construction of roads and car parks.
  • Assistance to the project owner
  • Delegated project management
Extérieur d'une tiny-house fabriqué par le BATI-FABLAB
Tiny house

Realization of a Tiny-house by BATI-FABLAB

Interieur d'une tiny-house fabriqué par le BATI-FABLAB
Lodge in Garden - Mini House

Lodge in Garden ideal to increase the financial value of a plot of land.

Millennials Concept House

Millennials House Special Guyana

Maison Millennials Gamme Confort
Millennials Concept Bulding

High-potential building

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