Available to all members of the ecosystem

Our shared resources

By pooling our resources, we make them accessible to everyone
we make them accessible to everyone.

Our pooled resources can be included in our solutions designed for our members, exploited by our co-developers under licence, and distributed by the federators, under their own brand, to their own users. Common goods.

Ressources humaines - BACK-OFFICE
For immediate answers

A transversal look at your expectations.

Human Resources


  • Analyses members' requests
  • Carries out the relative specifications
  • Selects from the ecosystem, humans and the necessary resources

Collective Brain

Multidisciplinary network of experts mobilised on request on projects submitted by our members, according to their speciality.

Ressources humaines - BACK-OFFICE
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Human Resources
                                    - club des courtiers
With them, you are everywhere at the same time!

To open up to the international market, without having to travel around the world.

Human Resources

Brokers 's Club

Among the members of the ecosystem, co-developers. Commercial Intermediaries recruited on an international basis, with the following mandates for trade missions on behalf of member companies :

  • Business development
  • Client Search
  • Commercial intelligence
  • Sourcing
  • Commercial investigations and audits
  • Golden Trade - Central purchasing office Golden Trade - Central purchasing office
    Golden Trade - Centrale d'achat
    Central purchasing office Golden Trade

    Fournisseurs, producteurs et fabricants de tous types d'équipements, matières premières et produits manufacturés

Inter-company purchasing center

Central purchasing office
Golden Trade

A database of 120,000 suppliers and +4.5 million references to buy internationally at the best prices, even in small quantities.

  • Performance insurance up to 7.5m€ per transaction
  • Control and inspection before departure
  • International door-to-door logistics
  • Intermediation service with interpretation

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Digital Resources

Management ERP

MARKET NETWORK BUILDER (MNB) is a powerful All-in-one tool to bring ambitious business to the minimum level required by the state of art. In addition to supporting all of its key functions, MNB is an open door to markets and a management tool for its private community.

  • Supports pre-sales, sales and after-sales functions
  • 100% integrated, provides up-to-date, real-time information
  • Interfaces with our marketplaces to receive Leads in its CRM and responses to calls of offers issued, in its purchase manager.
  • Collaborative functions: Collaborative projects, duplication of catalogues for the sales representatives and distributors, site of subsidiaries or affiliated entities with consolidation information
  • Powerful All-in-one ERP.
                                    Créateur de marchés et de réseaux, est un
                                    puissant outil tout en 1 pour amener toute entreprise ambitieuse au niveau minimum qu’exige l’état

    Powerful All-in-one ERP.

  • Marketplace B2B

    Vertical & horizontal business-to-business marketplace solution

Digital Resources

Marketplace B2B

Our business-to-business marketplace solution is also suitable for horizontal or vertical enterprise platform communities as well as an extension of an e-merchant offering.

  • Marketplace open (public) or closed (private)
  • Parameterisable according to various economic models: subscription, transaction commission, sale of information, etc.
  • Configurable participant validation process
  • Interfacing with third party services: logistics, banking, customs...
Digital Resources

Terri- Tourism

This e-tourism platform makes it possible to bring together in a single place the tourist offer of a territory or a community.

  • Dedicated interface and functions for each type of operator
  • Works as a directory and/or reservation system
  • PMS for operators: availability management, tariffs, invoicing, etc.
  • Real time availability update
  • Payment options can be set directly to operators or to the administrator
  • Coupled with a mobile application
  • Interfacing with GDS
  • A single place the tourist offer of a territory
    Terri- Tourism

    A single place the tourist offer of a territory

Digital Resources


A Unique Digital Platform to bring a territory into digital. Supports municipal services, economic activities and the citizen relationship.

  • Citizen communication platform
  • E-business marketplace for local merchants;: click & collect, online sales
  • Directory of all the professionals in the area
  • Marketplace C2C
  • E-tourism
  • Interfaced with B2B international trade services
Digital Resources

Cloud Desktop

Can be used for face-to-face or teleworking, increases the productivity of employees by making their relationships more fluid.

  • Controlled sharing of information: files, calendar, tasks and directories,
  • Accessible anywhere, from a PC, tablet or mobile device
  • Cloud/PC data synchronisation
  • Integrates popular office automation solutions,
  • Communication chat, phone, videoconferencing
  • Security with data encryption

BATI-FABLAB brings you the benefits of industrial and off-site construction

An advantageous formula: in addition to the cost of the raw material, the member pays his share of the mutualisation for the necessary factory time.

  • Terms of reference
  • State of the art research
  • Project management
  • Economic study
  • Sourcing
  • Control
  • Logistics
  • Installation
  • Formation
  • Information system
  • Business développement

Products of the Bati-fablab

Cube Building Plateform (CBP)

  • A building structure with only the perimeter walls as load-bearing elements.
  • Free and scalable interior design for up to 6 rooms.

CBP Benefits

Modular mini-homes (PRIMA)

  • Basic module of 20 m2 which can be divided into a T1 of 20 m2, a T2 of 40 m2 and a T3 of 60 m2.
  • Co-living version (two T3 or two T1) or inter-generation (one T3 + one T1).

Modular mini-homes (PRIMA)

Industrial custom-made

  • Houses, apartment buildings, tiny-houses, professional buildings, hotels, hospitals, extensions, elevations...
  • Industrial made-to-measure construction.

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The machine to build


The structure is at the heart of the off-site construction. Its rigidity will ensure that the modules will hold up well when assembled on site. on site. More than half a century of construction in Japan, the USA and Australia has validated the qualities of the TITAN validated the qualities of the TITAN process: flexible, adaptable to all styles, earthquake resistant resistant to cyclonic winds, easy to control.
TITAN FACTORY is our proprietary technology for manufacturing TITAN structures. An industrial industrial robot that forms, bends, drills and numbers galvanized steel profiles for seamless assembly into without welding into panels, to make the structures of buildings that will be dressed, wired in the workshops or on site when necessary. 3 times faster faster than traditional, 20 to 30% cheaper.
TITAN FACTORY technology is available to builders and developers who want to industrialize their The TITAN FACTORY technology is available to builders and developers who want to industrialize their business and to industrialists who want to diversify in the construction industry.

  • Unlimited possibilities

    Individual houses, apartment buildings, professional or recreational recreational buildings.

TITAN factory mobiles

Autonomous mobile unit

TITAN factory mobiles

Autonomous mobile unit

Resources for construction and fitting out

Mobile plants

BATI-FABLAB is equipped with our For operations of a certain importance, the mobile units can be directly transported to the construction site, reducing logistics costs, creating work for the workforce local and facilitating the scheduling of the construction site.

Resources for construction and fitting out


Road binder based on polymer, Road-Rock is a revolutionary technology for the realization of roadways. ecological and economical. Road-Rock avoids the use of quarry aggregates by directly solidifying the soil. of the roadway right-of-way, previously compacted. Avoids the use of asphalt-based hydrocarbons that are harmful to the environment. commonly used. Our technology can reduce paving costs by 30 to 60% while strengthening the base of the roadway.

Road Rock
Multiple benefits:

Stabilizes the base layer, cold binder, economical, environmentally friendly, easy to lay, economical.

Road rock arrosage de la piste de la solution R1

Roads, parking, airstrip, potholes repair, soil stabilization...

Road rock arrosage de la piste de la solution R1
Opportunities for you :

For your own operations, for distribution, for installation.

Process BIM

To make all stakeholders speak the same language.


Stress test of a structure

Resources for construction and fitting out


The Technical Design Office

Specialties :

  • Architecture
  • Engineering of steel structures,
  • Reinforced concrete,
  • VRD
  • Industrial processes.
Resources for construction and fitting out

Buildings Alternatives

Real estate business firm

Expertises :

  • Setting up a real estate project
  • Financial engineering
  • Delegated project management
  • CMI
constructions alternatives
1st goal

To help you optimize your real estate operation.