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Are you ready to face the next crisis ?

Crisis seems to follow one another inexorably and what we need to be sure of, is that resilience will now have to be part of our being.
In 2020, the unthinkable has happened: everywhere, those who govern us have chosen, faced with a crisis that our advanced technologies did not see coming and were unable to contain to sacrifice the sacrosanct growth by putting the world at a standstill.

... On should see clearly that nothing on Earth is immutable any more...
...and if you only have yesterday's weapons, you won't be able to face tomorrow's crises, which are already here...

Our thermo-industrial civilisation

Our thermo-industrial civilisation in the context of a globalised economy is exhausting the planet and gradually making it unbearable for the living.

  • Natural resources are exploited to the bone.
  • Everything, or almost everything, is bargained for, even man himself ...
  • Activity grows in the opposite direction to the meaning of things that are lost.
  • The unlimited power of a few disregards the basic needs of the many.

For our part, we have chosen to act as the "resilience generator" by supporting the entire mass of "under-performing" companies and organisations, those full of genius with remarkable leaders and collaborators, thwarted in their potential by a lack of expertise, resources, connections.

Since our creation in 1994, we at CIOA have been constantly experimenting with collaboration, solutions and business models, and define the principles of an organisation alternative built on a few key principles :



  • On the international scene
  • Using the leverage of the network
  • Mobilising the levers of the partnership
  • Organising interfaces to foster collaboration
Sharing, thanks to

Sharing, thanks to mutualisation

With the mutualisation :

  • Resources
  • Skills
  • Information and knowledge
                    the human

Privileged the human

In all of our developments, solutions and attitudes and enabling it to take concrete action.

With this generic and pragmatic program we already have has done great things with our members and partners, and will do even greater things with you, because the success of your project is also the success of the network.

And now ... ?

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