By virtue of a modern and collaborative vision of business relationships, CIOA shares its pooled resources with its co-developers, for their own projects, and as value added resellers when they work for companies and organizations that take part of the CIOA's ecosystem.

With its co-developers, CIOA creates a multi-disciplinary skills base and develops a global network of business facilitators:

  • to deliver companies with business services,
  • to help people to easily access to property,
  • help decision makers to better develop territories.

Become a Co-Developer

We value your skills ...

CIOA federates its partners' competences and allow them to generate income by contributing to the development of the business of others, and gives everyone the ability to value their know-how:

  • For business services providers: CIOA offers a simple solution deliver value added services in a captive environment.
  • For construction and real estate professionnals: CIOA provides a turnkey solution to build different : quicker, easier, with better profits.
  • To improve people's life within territories: CIOA allows to mobilize ressources easily to create employment, to generalize digital technologies and to develop activities within their territories.

Become a Co-Developer

How to take a seat as a Co-Developer ?

  • Fill in your registration form, subscribe your membership, then specify your skills.
  • Choose your industry: real estate,, business services, territorial development.
  • Choose your level of implication: time-to-time contribution, project management, management of territory…
  • Receive your medias, access to the pooled resources... then you're in !

A referent member helps you to optimize your experience as a Co-Developer.

Become a Co-Developer