Helping you make your organization more resilient

Companies, contractors your problems have solutions

For a quarter of a century we have been working to promote entrepreneurship, because we are convinced that a prosperous society is more compatible with social pax and individual freedom.

To facilitate their business initiatives, the members of our ecosystem benefit from tailor-made solutions that feature our shared tools:

  • A collective intelligence
  • Pooled ressources
  • A network of co-developers


Groupe CIOA - Domaine Tertiare
Optimisation of tertiary functions

Help you clarify your objectives, make your operation more fluid to make you more efficient.

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Groupe CIOA - Domaine Industriel
Supporting Industrial Projects

Designing the right process, finding the right equipment to produce goods at the expected conditions and costs.

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Groupe CIOA - Domaine Immobilier
Delegated project management for Real Estate Projects

Providing you with the components of your project's success under one roof: technical engineering, facilitation services, constructive innovations, procurement.

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Groups, local authorities, State Agencies

We offer you our 25 years of R & D, our resources and our experience. the expertise of our multiple experiences under the most varied skies, in order to to enrich the benefits you bring to your users.

  • Our solutions will enable you to support the development of existing companies thanks to the levers of digital technology, the opening on Internationally, partnership.
  • They strengthen the capacities of decentralized authorities to develop their territories.
  • They help you to improve people's lives through training professional training, business creation, access to housing.

Thanks to our flexible business models and our sense of service, we are able to will be able to create for you a tailor-made framework in which we work for you by back-office to let your organization shine to the people it serves. serves.

                                                local authorities, state agencies
Groupings, local authorities, state agencies

Visit our resources, see how we can help you with your peers, and tell us about your issues.

En savoir plus

we need you!

You are the eyes and arms of CIOA in your territories, its intelligence in your areas of expertise.

You set our solutions to music for the success of the projects of the decision-makers you select. You are the representative of our member companies near you.

You will find with us consideration, mandates, training, tools, support. Some of you have espoused the cause for 20 years and are today the decision-makers of the network.

Discover our partnership program.

Discover our partnership program.

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Our Goal

To offer you a resource pooling system open and collaborative, to,
with you, meet key needs of the greatest number.

Because it is the company that generates individual and collective wealth, CIOA campaigns for entrepreneurship.
  • Our 120,000 suppliers for to supply you
  • Our co-developer network to develop export turnover
  • Our digital solutions for rethinking, all your key functions
  • Our Expertise to assist you in updating your skills and knowledge. strategies to deal with upheavals
  • Business ideas
  • Business plan, support
  • Management solution
  • Our Expertise to assist you in updating your skills and knowledge. strategies to deal with upheavals
  • We help you to value your raw materials
  • Our solutions for your members and users, under your banner
  • Solutions to be distributed
  • Your services to be provided
For the good of the planet, the better health of humans and their purchasing power, CIOA facilitates short circuits and local production
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  • The Opportunity Bank Business :
    500 small industry kits ready for use
  • Process industrial :
    Design office for the definition of budgeting and the economic study of any manufacturing project, processing and packaging.
  • Accompaniment operational :
    Coordination of equipment manufacturing, up to the installation of the in use
  • Facilitation :
    Partnerships, information systems, business development
  • The Central Purchasing Office international
    Buy at factory cost with our buyer service at the commission: all products, logistics, 100% secure.
  • DistriChannel :
    B2B, B2C suppliers, Sell your products directly on more than 50 foreign markets
  • City markets
    Re-oxygenating the hearts of the city with the producers local : a challenge that we are ready to take up with the local edited!
      Reconnecting consumers digitally to producers in their territory
  • Our offer as an agent for manufacturer in Dropship is for you.
Because access to housing contributes to people's confidence and to the stability of the we deploy our capacities everywhere to facilitate the act of building a company.
  • Become a builder of detached houses with CIOA
    Our Constructions Alternatives brand name brings you everything you need to operate without delay (a constructive off-site process, catalogue, insurance, financial guarantees, support technical and commercial).
The promoter partnership To build fast and well and cheaper :
  • BATI-FABLAB, our factory open to you deploys our constructive process
  • Our procurement services to reduce material costs
  • Software for monitoring and site management
  • Leverage for your investment
    Our portfolio programmes benefit from our resources to reduce the costs of the construction realisation : a yield of up to 20%!
Our land valuation solutions:
  • LOCAP: pay your construction with your rents.
  • BATIMORROW ;: us let's finance the construction which will be returned to you tomorrow.
  • PECUNIUM: you will benefit from a part of the constructions we are going to build on your land. The other part will be valued to finance the operation.

We also act as delegated project manager the programmes that you carry out to enhance the value of your land dormant

  • A truly noble and remunerative Become a versatile TITAN Construction Fitter
  • The process for the realisation of ROAD-ROCK roadways to stabilise floors and concrete roads and car park, hydrocarbon free using the aggregates of the site. Preservation of the environment, economy from 40 to 60% compared to asphalt and concrete.
  • Create a BATI-FABLAB! An industrial construction production centre on measurement. Capacity from a few hundred to several thousand accommodation. Very low break-even point. Quick return of investment.
To take advantage of productivity gains for more time for us, we develop solutions to recharge your batteries

    Tiny-Houses and Lodges

  • DIY kit for the retail
  • Key in hand
  • Delegated project management of tourism projects
  • Digital platform for present and sell a territory's offer


  • For travellers : 150,000 hotels and tourist residences for sale private
  • White label platform for member organisations, press, press system loyalty.
Titan Factory
For the contractor, the developer

TITAN FACTORY will make your trade evolve from building to industry.

Certified Distributors Assemblers
For the craftsman or self-employed person

becoming a D.M.A. means taking advantage of the benefits of off-site work without delay.

Opportunities of the month

While all industries are evolving at high speed, the construction sector has remained largely "traditional". Off-site, this method of building off-site from the construction site, carried out in a factory, is the major breakthrough that is revolutionising the act of building. Singapore has imposed it, and so has London recently.

And CIOA ?

In its BATI-FABLAB, CIOA does off-site, but not just that; off-site industrial customisation. Drastically reduced nuisances, improved working conditions, deadlines, losses, reduced waste and carbon footprint reduced to a minimum, optimised quality with reduced claims and significantly improved margins.

This month, 2 opportunities to take advantage of off-site.